RP8300 Redundant Power Supply Installation Sheet


Before you begin, please check the box contents of a RP8300 redundant power supply. The redundant power supply kit should contain the following mounting brackets. (See the picture)



Note: you might not need to install every mounting bracket come with the power supply package.




First, remove the two screws located on the back of the redundant power supply.




Next, pull the two redundant power modules from the RP8300 housing unit.


Next, use a small flat head screw for securing one of the long mounting brackets to the side of the housing unit. The small screw might be difficult attaching to the wall of the housing unit.  




Install one more screw on the outside of the housing unit.



Attach two screws on the topside of the housing unit.




Remove the PS2 style (Standard ATX) power supply bracket from a 4U rackmount chassis.  Above pictures showed the removal of a standard ATX power supply bracket from a RM0211 4U chassis.






Align the redundant power supply with the chassis’ power supply mounting holes.  Attach four screws to secure the power supply.