RM0162 Pentium 4 Installation Kit

Quick Installation Sheet


This installation sheet is designed for RM0162 2U ATX Rackmount Chassis.


Before Installation


Before you begin, please check the RM0162 Pentium 4 Installation Kit contents. The installation kit should contain the following: (See picture)



There are 4 items come with the installation kit.




Tools for Installation


You will need a screwdriver and a flat nose plier for installation.



Cable Installation


First step locate the ATX 12V Cable from the installation kit.  The ATX 12V cable is required for all Pentium 4 ATX motherboard installation.



Connect the ATX 12V Cable to one of the four pins peripheral connector from the RM0162 ATX power supply.



Plug in the ATX 12V cable on to the motherboard’s ATX 12V connector.


Blower Installation



First step remove the RM0162 chassis top cover.



Next, remove the three screws locate on each side of RM0162 2U rackmount chassis.




Use the thumbscrew locates at the rear of the chassis for sliding off the chassis top cover.

On the back of RM0162 Chassis, locate the Blower Mount Opening. (See the picture below)




You will need to remove two screws that secured the Blower Mounting Opening cover plate.



Next, attach the RM0162 Blower Unit to the Blower Mounting Opening.



Carefully align the RM0162 blower opening to the blower’s mounting holes. 



Secure the blower’s mounting screws on to the RM0162 chassis. Be careful, the mounting screws can be difficult to work with.



Next, install the power connector from a RM0162 Blower Unit to the motherboard’s CPU fan power connector.