RM0162 / RM0152 2U ATX Rackmount Chassis Quick Installation Sheet

1. Remove the RM0162/152 2U Chassis from the shipping box. Please be careful, the chassis weights over 35 Lbs.

2. First, loosen the thumb-screw located at the rear of the 2U chassis.

3. Next, remove the three screws on each side of the chassis. (See picture below)

4. Next, take off the chassis cover. (See picture below)

5. Before installing an ATX motheboard, removing the three center bar screws as shown in picture below.

6. An internal view of a RM0162ATX Rackmount Chassis.

7. To install harddisks drives, floppy drives and cdrom drive, open the front chassis door and unscrew the front harddisk drive trays.

8. Done.